Natural Protection Through Diet In Winter

Natural Protection Through Diet In Winter

Protection Through Diet In Winter

Here comes the winter and there is not any reason, you should suffer through it, thanks to the terrible cold outside. A number of us who feel pain through the winter because we know that it is going to bring about dry skin, headaches, cough. cold, and other winter-related ailments can now consider this part of the year to be another pleasant part of life the natural way.

This is because proper diet, proper care of health and other tips are useful, to protect oneself from the winter. This naturally includes the Good diet to keep you healthy during the winter, the Good ways in which you can prevent yourself from getting infected due to bacteria and also how you can keep yourself gaze good and attractive even through the coldest most gloomy days of the year.

Oranges are Very Good sources of vitamin C, throughout the winter, so make sure that they are a part of your diet to improve your resistance to the weather in your autoimmune system. Some of these customary tips have come down through the ages, and are being applied by sensible people. Others are modem tips, found out through trial and error, chiefly with the state-of-the-art technology available at our fingertips today.

So this winter and the coining winters remember that a Small bit of prevention is better than looking for remedies to cure yourself. Also, our diet is going to go a Big way of keeping us healthy, And then the natural cure is always there to prevent us from suffering from winter-related cough, dry skin, headaches and other tiresome periodic and seasonal ailments.

Herbs and Spices to Heat You up

Onions, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, garlic, and horseradish are some of the herbs and spices which help keep you warm in the winter. Increase their use, mainly when you are looking for that healthy glow as well as warmth throughout the winter.

Winter vegetables like mustard greens are also Very Good winter fare. Especially when you know that you have to go out in the cold, and do a hard day’s work outside. A meal full of hot spices, turnips, mustard greens, onion, and garlic is going to prevent you from suffering from too much cold exposure. Spices have long been known to be good sources of providing you with natural heat. So make sure that they are eaten often being included in your winter meals.

So how can you prevent yourself from suffering from chilblains and frostbite, brought about by allowing yourself to stay for overlong in the cold? If you have to go out in the cold, sprinkle some red pepper powder on your feet before you put on your socks. It stings. But being a winter spice it is going to give warmth to your feet.

You may want to massage the affected portions with warm oil when you come back. This is to get the blood circulation moving again. I am giving you a hot oil recipe made up of chilies, which is excellent for winter massaging purposes. It is also good for joint problems. I went out yesterday in the December cold, making one huge and careless mistake. I forgot to put on a cap and scarf, even though I was well wrapped up in mittens, socks, and coat. And I was driving a two-wheeler. By the time I got back home, five hours later, ice-creams had nothing on me in matters of freezing.

It does not snow in our area, but the winter wind is just as bad. My head was splitting with a headache. The moment I got in, I demanded hot, fresh chicken soup, with lots of spices like ginger, onions, one clove of garlic, chilies, cloves, and cinnamon, along with boiled chicken pieces and with a spoonful of cream added just for fun. While it was being heated, I took thine whole peppercorns and chewed them in order to get my system warm.
By the time I was tucked in warm blankets with a huge glass full of hot chicken soup. – excellent hand warmer by the way – the peppercorns had managed to reduce my headache intensity to throbbing instead of painfully bad.

By the time the chicken soup was ready – 20 minutes – I kept chewing peppercorns and had managed to go through seven of them in total. And then hot chicken soup. Excellent for defrosting a human ice cream. Also, this was the best way in which I could get nourishing hot liquid into me. and keep my body from dehydrating. And the spices helped.

So next time you know you need to go out, keep this soup ready on your stove, – recipes for instant soup, and traditional soup gave below – and drink it when you come in From the Cold.

Immediate Heating up Remedies

Traditional Homemade Chicken Stock for Soup

You may want to add some vegetables to the chicken soup to make it even more nourishing and nutritious. Garnish with some cream, if you are eating soup just to warm up.

Traditional hot homemade chicken soup, especially for winter eating is made up of chicken soup with winter spices like ginger, garlic, cinnamon, black pepper, red chilies, and cloves. This heats the body from the inside and keeps you warm and snug. After the soup has been done. let it stay for about five minutes. so that the particles of a fat rise to the top. The fat was skimmed off or when grandma made it. she made sure the chicken from which she was going to extract soup was totally fat-free.

You can lay a freshly washed lettuce leaf on top of the soup and all the fat is going to be absorbed. in fact, if you think that the dish is too oily and too greasy, just place this lettuce leaf on the surface of the dish and the oil is going to be absorbed. Any green salad leaf-like cabbage works, but I use lettuce leaf to give the best results.
This traditional Eastern soup stock is similar to the stock which was made in Europe and other countries in the West down the ages. Meat, poultry, and the game are commonly used to make the stock. Lamb and chicken are used for a lighter stock but a heavier soup stock can be made with beef or veal. For a brown stock, you can use the meat and bones slightly roasted before cooking.

Wine and thickening are never used in traditional Eastern soup stock. Instead, you can use fresh herbs and spices like garlic, ginger, cinnamon, red chilies, black pepper, and cloves, because you are making winter fare.

Here is the Typical Traditional Stock Recipe

1 pound meat without any fat, half a pound of cracked bones, one teaspoonful of salt, two large onions, two cloves of garlic, large bunch of parsley, 1 V2 inches of green root ginger, half a teaspoonful of cinnamon, one teaspoonful of red chilies, half a teaspoonful of black pepper, or 14 black peppercorns, six cloves, two, turnips, two carrots, four-six leaves of lemons or a thinly pared rind of half a lemon, one small green chili. one bay leaf, two-three capsicums or bell peppers.

All These Am Winter Vegetables.

Chop the meat into cubes. Season with salt, cover with 3 1/2 inches of water. Leave for one hour if possible. Now bring slowly to a boil, raise the heat, cleared the scum rising to the top, and then add the rest of the ingredients which have been coarsely chopped or broken into pieces and boil fast for five minutes. Now lower the heat and simmer on very low heat to get —
Light soup stock — 2 — 3 hours. For medium strength stock — 5 — 8 hours, for thicker stock. 8 — 12 hours in 2 sintering, and for jellied stock. up to 24 hours in 2 or 3 simmerings rejecting the vegetables, after every 3 — 4 hours.
Notes that for heavier stocks, the pan lid must be sealed you can do this by putting a file between the lid and the saucepan. The heat should be minimal. Making the stock in a low oven or on the side of a heating range is best.
In olden times, this stock was made under wooden fires, where it used to be cooked day in, day out, with people being fed throughout the day, from this stock.
The cook just kept adding ingredients as the stock quantity lowered. And at that time they did not bother much about cleaning the utensils out much, so it was possible that you could be eating stock, which had been started on Monday at the end of the week.

Nowadays, we are more health-conscious, so we want everything fresh. So naturally. you are going to be eating this chicken soup throughout the winter by taking about 3 huge ladles of this concentrated stock, adding your favorite liquids like milk to it, possibly adding some noodles and drinking hot.
This is also what you are going to be giving anybody who is possibly suffering from hypothermia. This is instant nutrition. You may also want to give them hot and sweet drinks, while the soup is being prepared. Your main priority is to warm them up before medical aid arrives.

So what do you do if you are outside, and you cannot get him back into warm temperature immediately? Cover him with a blanket or something warm immediately so that he gets instant protection from the elements. A blanket is also going to provide him Insulation from sitting on the cold, cold ground.
Body heat is going to be retained when you cover his head and his neck. You may want to provide him with body heat by holding him to you. Stay

with him until some sort of help arrives. This is, of course, in a case, where there is absolutely no shelter and you cannot get away to look for help. There are more chances that both of you can be rescued more easily than just one person being placed in some place of safety outdoors and the other going away looking for help. This is definitely not advisable and is potentially hazardous for both of you.

Instant Soup

These are lifesavers when you do not have homemade soup around You can have instant soup, ready-made in the fridge by pouring 250 nil- of boiling water on 4 soup bouillon cubes. Keep these in the refrigerator for ready access whenever you need them. This is excellent for cooking. shortening, or when you are browning, vegetables, meat or chicken dishes. Or if you want an instant low-calorie snack in the summer or in the winter. just grab a cup of ready-made bouillon. While heating up the vegetables in your microwave, add some bouillon, instead of water. This is going to make them really nice and tasty. An excellent tip for everyday cooking.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is normally made up of cinnamon, ginger, honey, black pepper and leaves of the sacred basil if you can manage to get them. This is a good preventative and curative natural remedy for colds.

Precautions Now here are some precautions, which you need to keep in mind when you use Ginger. Even though it is a spice of all seasons, do not cat Ginger in the summer. Ginger eaten in large quantities is harmful to your health. If you suffering from high blood pressure, do not eat Ginger in large quantities. But high blood pressure can be reduced significantly, by mixing a little bit of grated ginger in fresh fruit juice.

Honey for Your Throat

Honey soothes and heals your throat and strengthens your lungs as well as your system, especially during the winter.  Honey. being a pre-digested food is excellent for your throat. That is why so many throat diseases can be cured by not only preventing the infection but also taking this energy-giving tonic. Let us start with ordinary Cough.
If you want to prevent as well as cure Cough, all you have to do is collect 15 g of dried ginger powder, 3 g of cinnamon, 3 g of black pepper and mix them together with one tablespoon of honey. Make them into little tablets, the size of a chickpea or a bean. Consider these to be Cough lozenges.

Take I lozenge at intervals of one hour, throughout the day. Eat a maximum of six cough drops in one day. This is not only going to help prevent cough. but it is also going to stop you from going hack hack hack throughout the day.  If you are a smoker, you are not going to be benefited at all with these cough drops. That is because you have already poisoned your system with Nicotine. Try and stop smoking and then try this remedy to remove and cure that cough, permanently.


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