The GGSC Is Hiring a Writer to Explore Social and Political

GGSC Is Hiring a Writer to Explore Social

The Greater Good Science Center is searching for a composition individual to deliver content about connecting the partitions in our cutting edge world, with a specific spotlight on viable techniques for encouraging useful cross­-bunch exchange, connections, and comprehension. To apply, you’ll have to present your application through UC Berkeley’s Jobs page. When you’re on the Jobs page, scan for the situation by its Job ID: 25317. More subtleties beneath.


The Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) at UC Berkeley transforms science without hesitation.

Established by acclaimed social analyst Dacher Keltner in 2001, the GGSC is extraordinary in its promise to both science and practice: Not just does it support historic logical examination into social and passionate well­-being, it likewise enables individuals to apply this exploration to their own and expert lives.

For over 10 years, the GGSC has been at the fore of another logical development to investigate the underlying foundations of cheerful and merciful people, solid social bonds, and selfless conduct. Also, it has been without a friend in its award­-winning endeavors to interpret and scatter this science to general society, especially through its mainstream online magazine, Greater Good.

About the Position

This 18-­month position will help lead another activity, called “Crossing over the Divides,” that is being propelled by the GGSC, in an organization with NationSwell.

In light of developing social, political, and monetary divisions in the United States and around the globe, Bridging the Divides will bring issues to light about the research­-based procedures for cultivating productive cross­-bunch exchange, connections, and comprehension. The activity will create a scope of interactive media assets that blend science and narrating, featuring the fundamental discoveries from a huge collection of important research and the exercises gained from associations that have been uniting individuals crosswise over gathering lines.

The Bridging the Divides Writing Fellow will drive the advancement of this substance, in a joint effort with the editors of Greater Good. Guided by broad detailing and research, the person will compose a progression of articles investigating whether, how, and under what conditions individuals from various gatherings can all the more likely comprehend and coexist with each other. The Fellow will likewise counsel on the improvement of (and help alter) related substance for the activity—digital broadcast scenes, blog entries, recordings delivered by NationSwell—and contribute thoughts to an enormous open occasion and web-based preparing that will incorporate a considerable lot of the key bits of knowledge created through the span of the activity—all proposed to help scale up promising endeavors to scaffold partitions.


  • Composing: Under constrained supervision from Greater Good editors, creates and composes most of the 24 articles delivered for the Bridging the Divides activity, including the scope of highlights—program profiles, bullet point articles, how-­to pieces. Articles will consolidate science announcing and narrating to investigate the difficulties, openings, and key techniques for crossing over partitions, drawing on exercises from projects and research. Most articles will be composed for Greater Good, however, some might be custom fitted to different outlets or stages.
  • Answering: To advise the articles and other substance, freely talks with network pioneers, program executives, instructors, specialists, and others with knowledge and experience important to building positive cross-bunch connections.
  • Research Review: as a team with a graduate­-level research right hand, gathers, translates, and blends discoveries from a wide scope of controls—including brain science, neuroscience, and human science—so as to distinguish the most significant patterns, exercises, and story thoughts.
  • Sight and sound Development: Consults with Greater Good editors and outside accomplices on the advancement of extra content—including a video arrangement, webcast scenes, and conceivable book collection—to guarantee it is altogether guided by similar bits of knowledge that educate the articles.
  • Occasion and Online Training: Contributes thoughts to the advancement of an enormous open occasion and internet preparing that will distill and show the primary bits of knowledge from the activity. Won’t fill in as the undertaking administrator for either, however, will counsel on their creation and may have chances to show at the occasion as well as in the preparation.
  • Goes to GGSC staff gatherings and takes part in exchanges about the organization and vital bearing of the Bridging the Divides activity and the GGSC in general.

Required Qualifications

  • Unhitched males degree in the related region as well as proportional experience/preparing.
  • Excellent composition and revealing aptitudes, ideally with experience providing details regarding sociology look into for non­-scholarly spectators.
  • Solace perusing and deciphering sociology discoveries, especially from mental research.
  • Capacity to comply with tight publication time constraints and produce long-­form just as shorter, web­-accommodating articles.
  • Open­-disapproved of way to deal with disagreeable social and political issues, with a direction to attempt to comprehend assorted points of view.
  • Solid correspondence and relational aptitudes to discuss successfully with venture accomplices and GGSC associates, both verbally and recorded as a hard copy.

Favored Qualifications

  • Intensive learning of significant logical research, especially the brain science of bias and cross­-bunch connections.
  • Recognition with instructive or different associations concentrated on advancing productive cross­-bunch discourse and comprehension.
  • Experience creating and delivering video as well as webcast content.
  • Recognition with—and proclivity for—the Greater Good Science Center’s central goal and projects.
  • Capacity to work in the GGSC’s Berkeley, California, office and consistently go to gatherings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pay and Benefits

  • This position pays a yearly pay of $75,000 and gives the full UC Berkeley medical advantages bundle.
  • Get familiar with the far-reaching advantages bundle offered by the University.

Instructions to Apply

  • To apply, present your application through UC Berkeley’s Jobs page, where you’ll have to scan for this situation by its Job ID: 25317.
  • Applications must be submitted through the UC Berkeley Jobs framework so as to be considered.
  • It would be ideal if you present your introductory letter and resume as a solitary connection while applying.

Equivalent Employment Opportunity

The University of California is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Every certified candidate will get thought for work regardless of race, shading, religion, sex, sexual direction, sex personality, national starting point, incapacity, or ensured veteran status.




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