Flat Belly Diet

Flat Belly Diet

Flat Belly Diet

The Four-Day Anti-Bloat Jumpstart

A full 96 hours is all it takes to spark your commitment to the Flat Belly Diet—and lose a few pounds! The Jumpstart consists of:

  1. A DAILY DOSE OF SASSY WATER Created by Cynthia, this make-ahead concoction helps guard against dehydration.
  2. A MIND TRICK AT EVERY MEAL Fast mental fixes helps get your brain in the Flat Belly game.

 The Four-Week Plan

Twenty-eight days of delicious MUFA-packed meals and recipes that you can mix and match. The plan consists of:

  1. FOUR 400-CALORIE MEALS A DAY Choose from our meal selections or recipes and be sure to make one meal a Snack Pack.
  2. A MUFA AT EVERY MEAL These superhealthy fats keep you feeling full and ensure every meal is exceptionally tasty.
  3. ONE DAILY CORE CONFIDENCE REFLECTION Spend IS minutes a day exploring your relationship to food and desire to reach your goals.

 An Optional Exercise Program

Fat-burning walks. a Metabolism Boost. and a Belly Routine will help you build muscle and maximize calorie burn.

I’m NOT A KID ANYMORE: says 55-year-old Mary Anne Speshok. But you’d never know it from listening to her describe the effect of her new weight loss on her husband of 5 years. “He’s chasing me around the room! Like I’m his toy! He looks at me and says. ‘Wow! I can’t believe what I’m seeing!  Mary Ann says her husband was as very-happy as she is with her results from the first weeks on the Belly Diet. In just 32 days. she had lost 31/4 inches of her hips. 31/4 off her stomach. 3 inches off her back and an inch on each thigh. On the scale today.

I lost 2 more pounds. I feel as if the weight is melting off of me. People tell me I’m walking with more confidence in my step. It is terrific!” The administrative assistant has a message for anyone considering the Flat Belly Diet: The only thing you have to do is start it. All the tools are there.” She calls it a revolutionary, doable winner—doable, she says, because the MUFAs keep you satisfied. “Most people, including me, don’t stay with a diet plan because they get hungry between meals. The difference with this diet is you literally don’t get hunger pains. It’s revolutionary because you start seeing results so fast that you want to keep going.” And the winner part? “Well,” she adds. Mary Anne has committed herself to do the Belly Workout in Chapter 10 along with the diet. Even though she works full-time and commutes an hour each way to and from work, she still manages to get in her paces. She usually walks 30 minutes at lunchtime, but on days when she can’t. she stops at the gym even before she goes home and does her 30 minutes of walking there. At home, she either does floor exercises or uses hand weights. She says her energy level is so high these days that exercising is easy.

And like so many recently thin women, Mary Anne has just discovered how great it is to fit into a nice, slim pair of jeans. “I liked them. but just not on me’ Not anymore. though. She says she just went out and bought three different styles of jeans because they all looked so good on her. She’s buying new clothes to fit her new body. And she’s adding bracelets and necklaces, “which I love. When I felt so big, I just wore my wedding ring and my watch. You don’t want to call attention to yourself because you don’t feel pretty. But now. bring on the jewelry!

The more the better!” She and her husband are renewing their vows soon, and she’s looking forward to wearing a beautiful gown that she hasn’t been able to fit into for a long time. “What a prize for reaching your goal,” she exclaims.  This beautiful gown and a size smaller.”





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