Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices

The man, woman’s and children’s bodies are inextricably dependent on the quality of food and no less is compatibility with the needs of the body. People have awakened to this realization, but only in the past two centuries. Gradually, more and more light was shed on the mysterious workings of the human anatomy and the manner in which the body utilizes the minerals and Vitamins composing such food. The results obtained in helping the body recover from nearly every disturbance or ailment, have been almost phenomenal the World over, particularly in the area of juice Therapy.

Today, any person not familiar with the nutritional value of vegetable and fruit fresh juices is woefully uninformed. Since the turn of the 20th Century, vegetable and fruit juices have come into their own. Their value is now definitely recognized by the well-informed, including professionals as well as laymen. The reason for the efficacy of such juices lies in the fact that, by separating the mineral elements and the distilled water in the food from the fibers, this liquid food is digested in a matter of minutes.

 A portion of the “solid” food eaten is thus diverted from its nutritional goal to be used as fuel to generate this energy. This answers the frequently asked question: Why not eat the vegetables and fruits WHOLE, instead of making juices?

Actually, Fibers act as an intestinal broom. After having traveled through the stomach, the duodenum and 25 feet of the small intestine, these fiber particles reach the colon in the form of microscopic cellulose. Without fiber, the Colon, and the body as a whole cannot be maintained in a healthy condition.

It is thus imperative that throughout each day of life, a well-balanced diet should contain as the main course, a salad composed of a variety of vegetables – RAW VEGETABLES! To guide you in the selection of such salads, I have written the book The Vegetarian GUIDE TO DIET & SALADS. In response to innumerable requests for information regarding the mineral contents of food, we have added an Appendix to this New Edition. This contains an analysis of our most familiar and commonly used foods. I must emphasize the fact that it is virtually impossible to grow. even organically, the PERFECT product from ANY seed.

The reason for this is that there are many factors involved in the growing of plants that vary, sometimes radically, from one plot of ground to another. Also, there are today, many varieties of almost every kind of food. For example, here are some of the varieties of carrots available: Imperator, Chantenay, Danvers and Oxheart, each having a slightly different mineral composition from the others, but not enough to take them out of the carrot category. This is also true with other vegetables. We are obliged to use any analytical information about food as a general guide.

This is because of the variable conditions of soil, climate, location, and method with which the planting is done. A variety of vegetables in our food combinations assures our body of obtaining all the vitamins and minerals it has need of. Organically grown food, if obtainable, is normally of superior quality, unfortunately, it is all too often unobtainable. It would be a mistake to become a fanatic about the quality of food we are obliged to purchase at markets.

To those whose awareness on this subject runs too deeply, it would seem to me that perhaps it would be wise to move to the country where you can grow your own food. It is primarily with this thought in mind that I wrote the book BACK TO THE LAND For Self-Preservation. Generally speaking, if you are not able to buy exactly the food you want, then as long as it is necessary to do so, take the best of what IS available. Just be sure that you pick the freshest and best quality you see, and this applies to whether you are buying your vegetables for Salads or making your Juices.


 You and you alone are responsible for the result of how you nourish your body. The LIFE in your food is what counts. Your body is composed of billions of microscopic cells. Your very existence depends on them. They need nourishment, live, active nourishment.


The basic key to the efficacy of nourishing your body is the life that is present in your food and of those intangible elements, known as enzymes. The element which enables the body to be nourished and live, that element which is hidden within the seeds of plants and full growth of plants is a life Rule known as enzymes. Enzymes have been described as complex substances which enable us to digest food and to absorb it into our blood.

In order to perform such classified operations, Enzymes would require a body or material organism. This they do not have, any more than electricity with its multitude of phases, such as voltage, amperage, wattage, etc., does not have substance, but it activates substances of which it is not an integral part. Thus enzymes are not “substances.” Enzymes are an intangible magnetic Cosmic Energy of Life Principle which is intimately involved in the action and activity of every atom in the human physique, in vegetation, and in every form of life. 

Enzymes are sensitive to temperatures above 118°F. Above I 20°F enzymes become sluggish, just as the human body becomes languid and relaxed in a hot bath. At 130°F, the life of enzymes is extinct. They are dead. Within seeds, enzymes are in a dormant state, and under proper conditions will remain in a state of suspended animation for hundreds and thousands of years. As a matter of fact, carcasses of prehistoric animals found in the northernmost regions of the earth, in Siberia and other glacial regions where they were instantly frozen by cataclysmic ice formations some 50,000 years ago, have been found to contain enzymes in abundance, which became active when the flesh was thawed to body temperature.

The great Law of Life is replenishment. Our body needs to be supplied daily with the same elements with which it is composed. Due thought, attention, and consideration to the other two parts of our being, namely our mind and spirit, provide our total life with complete health. We can eat the finest and most constructive food in creation, but this will not prevent the disintegration of the body if resentments, fear, worry, frustration and negative states of mind are permitted to obsess us. Health is the indisputable foundation for the satisfaction of life. Everything of domestic joy or occupational success must be built of body wholesomeness and vitality.

Nutrition must be vital or organic. Salts and mineral matter must be vitally organic in order that they may be assimilated by the human body for the rebuilding and regeneration of the body cells and tissues. Thanks to Scientific Research, we are now able to analyze and know exactly the elements which foods carry, and to harmonize them in the body according to its needs. Our body is made up of many atomic elements.

The principal ones are:

Oxygen Carbon Hydrogen Nitrogen
Calcium Phosphorus Potassium Sulfur
Sodium Magnesium Iron Iodine
Chlorine Fluorine Silicon Manganese


Except for accidents, all the repair of our body must come from within. The body is out of balance when the bloodstream, cells organs and the rest of the body do not contain these elements in proper proportion or are deficient. The result is a condition that is just plain poisonous. It is called toxemia. In order to maintain the balance of best health, most of the food we eat must contain live, organic elements. These elements are found in fresh-raw vegetables, fruits, and seeds. Oxygen is one of the most essential elements. As soon as the food is cooked, its oxygen is lost.

 The fact that age group, millions upon millions of people have lived and are living, who have rarely if ever eaten anything but cooked foods, does not prove that their being alive is the consequence of eating cooked foods. As a matter of fact, they are in a state of decadent existence which is established by the toxic condition of their bodies. Else, why the overcrowding of inadequate hospital facilities?

 Why such a tall rate of incidence of heart trouble, diabetes, premature senility, and premature deaths? Our Creator grows the human body with an inherent colossal amount of tolerance. When we eat anything that is “not good” for us or that is incompatible with our nutritional requirements we suffer. We are warned and punished by pain or by cramps, leading eventually to disease and perhaps to any one or more of the infinite number of ailments that afflict humanity.


Within the interstices of these fibers are enclosed the atoms and molecules which are the essential nutritional elements we need. It is these atoms and molecules and their respective enzymes in the fresh-raw juices which aid the speedy nourishment of the cells and tissues, glands, organs and every part of our body. The fibers of vegetables and fruits are also valuable. In the course of time, this coating accumulates, putrefies and causes Toxemia. The Colon then becomes sluggish and distorted and constipation, colitis, diverticulosis, and other disturbances result.

The juices extracted from fresh-raw vegetables and fruits are the means by which we can furnish all the cells and tissues of the body with the elements and the nutritional enzymes they require in the manner they can be most readily digested and assimilated. Notice that I said nutritional enzymes. This applies to the enzymes in our food. The cells and tissues of our body have their own corresponding enzymes that assist and cooperate in the work of digesting and assimilating our food. In addition, the composition of every atom and molecule in our body has a superabundant supply of enzymes.

The oxygen is collected by enzyme action and then by the blood. For example, the air we breathe is taken into our lungs as a combination of approximately 20% Oxygen and 80% Nitrogen. The air we expel from our lungs is mainly carbonic acid and carbon dioxide. What happens to the Nitrogen? This is what happens when we breathe. Two main classes of enzymes in our lungs come into action the moment air reaches the tiny bunch-of-grapes-like interior of our lungs, known as alveoli.

One set of enzymes, known as Oxidase, separates the Oxygen while the other set of enzymes, known as Nitrase, separates the Nitrogen from the air. The Oxygen is collected, by enzyme action, by the blood and circulates it through the body, while the Nitrogen, by the action of “transportation” enzymes, passes into the body for protein generation. Our entire system is composed of innumerable enzymes. These enzymes are found throughout the mouth, stomach, and intestines. More than a dozen of them are involved in the digestion and assimilation of our food. They work in conjunction with the enzymes that are also found in the atoms and molecules contained in the food itself.


 The juices extracted from fresh-raw fruits and vegetables form the means of furnishing all the cells in the body with the elements they need, in the manner in which they can be most readily assimilated. We must bear in mind that while it is true that cooked and processed foods sustain life, nevertheless that does not mean that they have the power to regenerate the atoms which furnish the life force to our body.

On the contrary, progressive degeneration of the cells and tissues follows the continuous consumption of cooked and processed foods. Fruit juices are the cleansers of the human system, but the fruit should be ripe. An apple a day will keep the doctor away if we also eat plenty of other raw food.

But fruits, with only three or four exceptions, should never be eaten during the same meal in which starches and sugars are included. Fruit’s insufficient variety will furnish the body with all the carbohydrates and sugar that it needs. Vegetable juices are the builders and regenerators of the body. They contain all the amino acids, minerals, salts, enzymes, and vitamins needed by the human body, provided that they are used fresh, raw, and without preservatives, and that they have been properly extracted from the vegetables. Like all the most valuable things in life, the vital part of vegetables — that which contains the greatest concentrated value — is the most difficult to reach, being hidden within the fibers.

Hence, the need for thorough mastication of all raw vegetables. In the final analysis, raw food is the nourishment intended for human beings. However, not everyone is able to change the lifelong habit of eating foods mostly or totally cooked and devitalized, and in their place eat only raw foods. Such a sudden change may cause disturbances which the individual may not be able to understand, but which, nevertheless, may be entirely beneficial. Under these circumstances, it is wise to consult someone who is experienced in the reactions which may result from such a change. After all, it does require considerable mental as well as intestinal fortitude to make this change and to stay with it, but we have found that it pays to do so.

When a promiscuous unregulated food regimen is followed or indulged in, such juices are of vital importance because they will furnish the body the live elements and vitamins deficient in the cooked and processed foods. The reason for this deficiency lies in the fact that a surprisingly large percentage of the atoms making up the nourishment in the raw foods is utilized as fuel for energy by the digestive organs in their processes of digesting and assimilating the food, which usually requires as long as 3, 4, or 5 hours after every meal.

Such atoms, while furnishing some nourishment to the body, are mostly used up as fuel, leaving only the smaller percentage available for the regeneration of the cells and tissues. However, when we drink raw vegetable juices, the situation is entirely different, as these are digested and assimilated within I0 to 15 minutes after we drink them and they are used almost entirely in the nourishment and regeneration of the cells and tissues, glands and organs of the body. In this case, the result is obvious, as the entire process of digestion and assimilation is completed with a maximum degree of speed and efficiency, and with a minimum of effort on the part of the digestive system.

The important thing is to drink your juices fresh daily, irrespective of the manner or process by which they have been extracted. 


My first experiments were made by grating carrots on anything that would reduce them to a pulp, then squeezing the pulp in a cloth, to get the juice. After discovering the miracle of using that juice so simply made, I tried making the carrots into pulp by other means until I could make a larger amount of juice for myself in less time and with less effort. I soon discovered that these juices fermented and spoiled unless used immediately, the time element is the factor. Eventually, I discovered a means to triturate the vegetables into a pulp nearly as fine as apple butter.

This split open the interstices of the cells of the fibers, liberating the atoms and molecules. Then, by squeezing the pulp in a hydraulic press, I obtained a virtually complete extraction of the juice, and its quality was unsurpassed. Naturally, this is an expensive piece of equipment. However, do not consider the price involved, but rather the investment in health that pays for itself! The centrifugal-type of juicer which came on the market some years ago has been improved over the years and there are some very satisfactory models on the market.

These have their place in the extraction of juices, in that they are suitable for travel and also for use in small apartments where space is limited. We need to drink juices daily, irrespective of how they are extracted. However, the best quality of juice is the cheapest in the long run and the most effective in nourishing the body. 

The juice extracted by the centrifugal method should be used immediately because unless the extraction of the juice from the fibers is as complete as it is humanly and mechanically possible to achieve, oxidation and heat from friction will tend to spoil the juice in a short time. In my experiments, I have found that the toxic sprays are retained in the fibers of vegetables and are not present in the fiber-free juices.


 A concentrated food is a product that has been dehydrated, from which its water content has been dissipated. It is the microscopic volume for which the cells and tissues of the body are starved! In the extraction of “complete” juices, it is essential that the fibers be properly triturated in order that the vital elements may be released into the liquid.

It has been demonstrated by the research of this author, one of the pioneers in the reduction of raw vegetables into their liquid form, that the fibers must be properly triturated. The juice must then be expressed from the resultant pulp by hydraulic or equivalent pressure. Otherwise, the vitamins, the enzymes, and the entire volume of vital elements of the vegetables are not likely to be found in the juice. However, when extracted, the raw vegetable juices are readily and quickly assimilated by the human body. Because the juices are organic or live food, they regenerate the entire body with surprisingly rapid results. As a matter of fact, they are among the least concentrated, and yet the most nourishing of our foods.

 Popcorn is 2100% more concentrated than carrot juice and 2300% more than celery juice. White sugar is 4200% more concentrated than carrot juice and 4600% more than celery juice. When we realize how colossal the concentration of these items used as food compared to juices is, we get an inkling of the underlying cause of the acidity generated in the body as an outcome of eating soy products and the like. If a more convincing fact is needed to dispel the false assertion that because of “concentration” these juices are dangerous, compare carrot juice to fresh, undiluted cow’s milk. We find that in their natural chemical composition the water content of these two products is almost identical in volume. The relative natural water content is the basis upon which the concentration of a product is established.

This is one of the reasons for the mucous conditions experienced by both children and adults who grew up drinking quantities of such milk. Colds, runny noses, tonsil, adenoid and bronchial troubles are common results of mucus, whereas carrot juice is one of the greatest aids in the elimination of mucus. This prodigious generation of mucus in the body as a result of drinking such quantities of cow’s milk is not limited to youngsters but is found just as much in adults, where the effects are likely to be far more disastrous because, as people grow older their resiliency is correspondingly lower than in the younger generation.

When milk is needed, there is one kind of milk that is compatible with human digestion from infancy to senility, Raw Goat’s milk. Raw Goat’s milk is not mucus forming. If a mucous condition develops after drinking it, it will usually be due to excessive previous use of starches and sugars, not to the Goat’s milk. This milk must be used RAW, and it must not be heated above 118°F, nor pasteurized. For infants, there is no better milk than mother’s milk. Raw Goat’s milk is the next best. Some fresh-raw carrot juice may be added to it with benefits. In fact, Raw Goat’s milk can be added to any fresh-raw vegetable juice satisfactorily.

These cells are constantly being used up in the normal course of human existence and must be constantly rebuilt. A diet consisting wholly or mainly of devitalized foods inevitably results in the breaking down of these cells, creating a condition of sickness or disease. To avoid such a condition, it is necessary to furnish the body with an abundance of vital elements in its nutrition.


It has been proved beyond doubt that supplementing our meals with raw vegetable and fruit juices is the quickest and most permanent way to replenish the body with the elements it lacks. The following will be found useful as a guide in the use of properly extracted juice.



There is a little-known fact regarding the effect of pesticides on our vegetables and fruits, which should be given much publicity in these times. We have been able to determine that pesticides and sprays may be injurious in the consumption of vegetables and fruits, it is the FIBERS of such foods that collect these toxins. The enzymes, atoms, and molecules are allergic to them. The following will be found useful as a guide in the use of properly extracted juice. Fruits and vegetables are grown in devitalized soil, or improper composting and fertilization will be deficient in vital factors. Furthermore, under the very best soil conditions, the use of sprays and pesticides will enter into the plants and roots but will be completely absorbed by the fibers of the plants and roots.

The plants will continue to grow and thrive not because of these toxins but in spite of them. Why? Because the enzymes, atoms, and molecules will continue to carry on their work without interruption in spite of the poison saturated fibers. The question arises: How to get the enzymes, atoms, and molecules from our vegetables without using the poisoned fibers? After all, these enzymes, atoms, and molecules are the nourishing elements we require. The fibers have virtually no nourishing value. The answer is simple: When vegetables are correctly triturated  ) the cells of the fibers are split open and these elements released. It is important to note that these elements are as allergic to toxins as oil is to water. Therefore they will regain their Virgin Virtue by not mixing with the triturated fibers.

By squeezing this triturated pulp through proper straining material, the enzymes, atoms, and molecules in the juices are extracted from the fibers and the toxins with which they are saturated. Therefore, we have found our answer on how to avoid being afflicted by the pollution which has infested food products throughout our Nation. However, our use of the electric trituration and the hydraulic press does not rule out the use of centrifugal machines. While it is recognized that by centrifugal action we cannot extract ALL of the enzymes, atoms, and molecules, nevertheless, the use of a filter in the centrifugal extractor prevents the fibers from mixing with the extracted juice.

We can thus obtain a juice that is free from the poison-saturated fibers. The appliance known as a Liquefier or Blender is not practical for the extraction of juices. We use blenders in our kitchen to make dressings, desserts, etc., for which purpose they are admirably suited.

We always shop for quality. There is no substitute for quality at any price, and if the cost is higher, it is both safer and more economical in the long run. Furthermore, not only has the vibrations of our food been raised to its’ highest nutritional point, but our Blessings have been multiplied beyond what we think we deserve. We pass them on to you.


Just as much as one can drink comfortably without forcing oneself. As a general rule, one pint daily is the least that will show any perceptible results, and preferably from two to eight points or more. When juices were first promulgated from the lecture platform, it was suggested that they are taken in small doses. This was undoubtedly due to the fact that there wasn’t any machine on the market at the time with which juices could be made in reasonable quantities. To make even a cupful of juice at a time with a hand juicer was difficult and laborious.

Had larger quantities of juice been advocated, undoubtedly there would have been little market for hand juicers because of the labor involved in using them. Today, we find the electric Triturator and Hydraulic Press the most efficient. There are certain definite principles involved. First, in releasing the mineral and chemical elements, vitamins, and hormones from the tiny microscopic cells of the fibers of vegetables and fruits, and second, in collecting them and separating them and the juice from the fiber. Hand juicers only partly crush the fibers and because they cannot triturate  it is not possible to extract all the vital elements from the vegetables. Trituration is a fundamental principle in the reclamation of these vital elements.

Howbeit, centrifugal and other such machines are just as useful when the supreme quality of the juices is not of paramount importance. The principle of the centrifugal type of juicer extractor involves a fast rotating plate with a sharp grating surface at the bottom of the basket in the machine. Of course, it is understandable that it is physically and mechanically impossible to extract all of the juice by centrifugal action, but the juice so obtained is generally good and should not be kept long before drinking it.

Notwithstanding the disadvantages of such methods of extraction, there are still many benefits derived from drinking such juices. When we speak of water, the first thought is quite naturally of that which comes from the faucet or from the spring, or even rainwater. Few people stop to wonder if, or even to realize that there is vital organic as well as inorganic water. Not only is the water from the faucet inorganic, but it is also, because of the atoms that compose it are mineral elements, entirely devoid of the life principle.

Nearly all cities contaminate the water supply with inorganic chlorine and other chemicals, making it truly unfit for human or animal consumption. The water in the rivers and streams and from the spring is also inorganic as is rainwater. When juices have been cooked, processed, canned, or pasteurized all of the enzymes are destroyed and the atoms are then converted into inorganic or dead atoms; this applies to the H2O as well as to the mineral and chemical atoms composing such juice.

To convert vegetables into liquid or semiliquid mush without eliminating the cellulose is also of little value from the point of view of juices. Drinking juices not only enables the body to assimilate all of the vital elements in a swift and timely manner, but it does so without burdening the digestive organs with the work entailed by the presence of the pulp-cellulose. Drinking juices that are properly made will enable the body to assimilate them within ten to fifteen minutes. Whereas, the presence of pulp in the so-called liquid, or liquefied, vegetables, or juices stiff containing the pulp, will require hours to digest. Furthermore, to drink juices from which the pulp has not been extracted taxes the digestive organs more than eating and properly masticating the raw vegetables and fruits themselves, as proper thorough mastication is essential to the complete digestion of vegetables when the cellulose fiber is present.

This is not usually done if the fibers still remain a part of the mush or liquefied vegetables; whereas, the juices from which the fiber has been removed furnish, without interference, every particle of the nourishment contained in the vegetable for immediate and quick assimilation by the body.


 It is also known as Lucerne grass, while in England it is known as Purple Medic. Because Alfalfa adapts itself to widely varying conditions of soil and climate, even thriving on alkali soil, there is no excuse for not growing it on one’s home grounds, as it is usually arduous to obtain when living in the city. When we are unable to obtain fresh Alfalfa, we sprcsn Alfalfa seeds and eat the sprouts with our meals. They sprout easily and they are very beneficial.


Vegetation miraculously transform. The most vital and potent factors in this process of conversion are the enzymes and the life-giving influence of the rays of the sun which generate the chlorophyll. The chlorophyll molecule is made up of a web of carbon. hydrogen. nitrogen, and oxygen atoms around one single atom of magnesium. It is interesting to compare this design with that of the hemoglobin of our red blood corpuscles, which has a similar web of elements girdling an atom of iron instead of the atom of magnesium.

It would seem that we have here fairly conclusive evidence as to which diet regimen is the correct or natural one for healthy human beings. It is best taken with carrot juice, in which a combination of the individual benefits of each juice is intensified. It has been found very helpful in most troubles with the arteries and discretions connected with the heart. It is generally conceded by those who have studied the effects of gas in the intestines that in a surprisingly large number of patients suffering from heart trouble, this condition is caused not by any organic dysfunction of the heart.

Rather it is caused by excessive gas in the colon which presses the walls of the colon against organs connected with the heart. A few colonic irrigations or enemas, as a rule, have frequently relieved this condition. The heart trouble disappeared until the next accumulation of gas gave warning that the colon, not the heart, needed a thorough reconditioning. Besides the benefit to blood and heart conditions, chlorophyll is most useful in the relief of respiratory troubles and discomforts, particularly in the sinuses and in the lungs. Mucus is the underlying cause of sinus infection and pains, as it is of bronchial and asthmatic conditions, including hay fever.

This is not by any manner or means fanatical. Those who have adopted such a vegetarian program later in life have been able to help overcome these conditions without the use of surgery or drugs. After all, a sinus infection is the work of our defensive friends, the germs, trying to help us by breaking up mucus accumulations so that these may be eliminated from the system. 

Even “sulfa” drugs now known to be virulent and pernicious are sometimes used without regard, consideration, or understanding of the eventual damage, injury or danger resulting from their use. The most injurious results are essentially developed when the waste matter, consisting particularly of these drugs and of the sewage of the germ colonies, are allowed to remain in the “infected” and adjacent parts instead of being eliminated as quickly as possible. We have in our body the most perfect systems of elimination if we will but get them into efficient working condition. Our lungs must be free of foul air, tobacco smoke. etc.

our skin must be active so that the pores may pour out the toxins carried there by the lymph; the kidneys must have freedom of action without interference from alcohol and uric acid products; and our colon must have whatever internal washing it needs to remove the accumulations of 30, 40, and 50 years or more. That is only part of the program. The cells and tissues of the entire body must get live organic nourishment. This means that for some time at least, we should forego as much as possible all those foods whose vital energy — whose life element — has been destroyed by heat or by processing.

We may be guided by the contents of my book DIET & SALAD SUGGESTIONS, which has brought innumerable commendations from readers who have benefited by putting into practice the very simple rules and menus contained therein.


Asparagus contains an alkaloid known asparagine in a relatively large amount. (Alkaloids are found in living plants. It is a beneficial juice in the case of kidney dysfunctions and in the regulation of general glandular troubles. Diabetes and anemia are helped by the use of it in conjunction with the juices more specifically outlined for these conditions. As this juice helps the breaking up of oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys and throughout the muscular system, it is aged for rheumatism, neuritis. etc.

Rheumatism results from the end product of the digestion of meat and meat products, which generate excessive amounts of urea. As the human system cannot completely digest and assimilate so-called “complete proteins”, such as meats and meat products, the ingestion of too much of these causes the greater part of the uric acid generated thereby to be absorbed into the muscles. The continuous use of meat protein taxes the workings of the kidneys and of other eliminative organs, straining them to the point where a progressively smaller amount of uric acid is eliminated and a correspondingly greater amount is absorbed by the muscles.


Women, particularly, have been benefited by drinking at least one pint of a combination of carrot juice daily. The proportion in this combination may vary from 3 to 8 ounces of beet juice, using roots and tops, in one pint of the combined juices, carrot and beet. Taken alone, beet juice, in greater quantities than a wineglass at a time, may cause a cleansing reaction which may make one a little dizzy or nauseated. This may be the result of its cleansing effect on the liver and may, therefore, be uncomfortable. It has been found from experience that it is best to take less beet juice and more carrot juice in the beginning until one can tolerate its beneficial cleansing effect — then to increase the proportion of beet juice gradually.

For menstrual disturbances, beet juice has been very helpful, particularly when, during such periods, it has been used in small quantities, not more than a wineglass at a time two or three times a day. During menopause, this procedure has been found much more permanently helpful than the degenerative effects of drugs or synthetic hormones. 

Any drug that can be guaranteed to relieve or cure permanently any sick condition of the body can also be guaranteed to start some other and probably more serious condition sometime later. It is the one who takes the drug that suffers in the long run, not those who advertise or administer it. She has also furnished us, in greater or lesser degrees, with intelligence with which to pursue our search for knowledge. If we do not use it, she stands by with infinite patience wondering why her handiwork should turn out so badly. While the actual content of iron in red beets is not high, it is of a quality that furnishes excellent food for the red corpuscles of the blood.

The greatest virtue of the chemical elements in the beet is the fact that more than 50% is sodium, while the calcium content is only about 5%. This is a valuable proportion for maintaining the solubility of calcium, particularly when, as a result of eating cooked foods. inorganic calcium has been permitted to accumulate in the system and has formed deposits within the blood vessels, resulting in a toughening of the walls, as in the case of varicose veins and hardening of the arteries, or a thickening of the blood, resulting in high blood pressure and other forms of heart trouble.

The 20% potassium content furnishes the general nourishment for all the physiological functions of the body. while the 8% content of chlorine furnishes a splendid organic cleanser of the liver, kidneys. and gall bladder, also stimulating the activity of the lymph throughout the entire body. The combination of carrot and beet juice furnishes a good percentage of phosphorous and sulfur on the one hand. and potassium and other alkaline elements on the other hand, which, together with the high content of Vitamin A. completes what is probably the best natural builder of the blood cells and particularly the red blood corpuscles.


With the addition of some pure coconut milk extracted from the meat of the coconut making a combination of carrot, beet, and coconut juice, food is obtained which, in addition to its proportion, as an intensive bodybuilder, has even more potent qualities as a cleanser of the kidneys and gall bladder.

If properly prepared. this combination contains the alkaline elements of potassium. sodium, calcium. magnesium, and iron in abundance and the other elements phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and chlorine in ample and correct proportions.


Gallstones, kidney stones, and gravel in the gall bladder and kidneys are the natural result of the inability of the body functions to eliminate from the system the inorganic calcium deposits formed after eating concentrated starches. The gall bladder is directly connected with the liver and with the bloodstream by means of the bile duct and the hepatic duct. All the food we eat is “broken down” in the digestive tract, and the elements it contains are carried by the blood to the liver for further processing and segregation. No concentrated grain or flour product can be completely utilized for the reconstruction of cells particularly if it has been devitalized by heat.

It’s component elements, however, must necessarily pass through the liver; and among these elements we have calcium. Such starch molecules are not soluble in water. The calcium in all concentrated starches and sugars which have been subjected to heat is inorganic and is not soluble in water. Its presence in the system is extraneous and foreign, and as such is cast aside at every opportunity by the blood and lymph streams.

The first convenient dumping ground is the bile duct, which carries it to the gall bladder. The next most convenient place is what we may term the dead-ends of blood vessels either in the abdomen, resulting in tumors, or in the anus, resulting in hemorrhoids. Such inorganic calcium atoms happen to get past these usually end up in the kidneys. A few atoms of inorganic calcium, either in the gall bladder or in the kidneys, may not do much harm, but with a continuance of the use of bread, cereals, cakes, and other flour products, the deposits become progressively cumulative and result in the formation of gravel or stones in these organs.

It has been found from long experience that the removal of these deposits or encumbrances by means of surgery is often unnecessary except, perhaps, in the most extreme cases: and even then, it is doubtful if better results could not be obtained by helping Nature, the Great Healer, by the intelligent use of natural means.

A perfect example would be to share the experience of a businessman well into his forties. He stood prominent in the business world, having successfully placed on the highway to fortune, several of the large national chain stores in this country and one or two in Great Britain. He has suffered acute pains for more than twenty years. X-rays were taken with and without idophthalein, which is a dye used to detect problems in what appeared to be the gallbladder area. Dr.’s diagnosis was confirmed with the results of the tests. He was suffering from stones in his gallbladder. Fear and aversion to surgery was the only thing keeping his gallbladder where it belonged. He was then told about the success of JUICE THERAPY, read one of the earlier editions of this book, and sought aid from a person competent in this treatment.

It was explained to him, that in order to receive a relatively quick treatment with these juices that he may experience, for a short time, more agonizing pain than he had before. These pains could last for a few minutes or maybe even an hour or so at a time, but would eventually cease altogether with the passing of the dissolved calcium. He drank ten or twelve glasses of hot water with the juice of one lemon in each throughout the day and about three pints of carrot and cucumber juice daily. On the second day, he did have some terrific spasms of pain for 10 to 15 minutes each. By the end of the week, the crisis arrived and for about half an hour he rolled on the floor in agony, but the pain suddenly left him and a short while afterward stones passed out and caused a reaction like mud in his urine. That evening he was a different man.

The next day he took a long trip—from New York to Washington on to Canada—with me in my car, feeling 20 years younger an& marveling at the simplicity of Nature’s miracles. This is not an isolated instance. Thousands of the world over have testified with gratitude to the benefits derived from fresh-raw vegetable juices. The combination of carrot and cucumber juice gives us one of the finest cleansing and hearing aids for the gall bladder, liver, kidneys, and the prostate and other sex glands. Something else to bear in mind is the fact that when we eat meat an excessive amount of uric acid is generated in the system, which apparently cannot be completely eliminated by the kidneys, thus causing a definite strain on these organs. reacting to the rest of the body.

This combination of juices is therefore invaluable in this respect to help cleanse the system. At the same time, it has been found advisable to eliminate concentrated sugars and starches, as well as meat, for a while at least to give the body the opportunity it needs to readjust itself to normalcy. Once the healthy condition of the body has been reestablished then, of course, we should know from experience that to devitalize it again, if we choose to do so. we need only to go back to eating devitalized foods. It is truly gratifying to find that many have no desire to return to a mediocre or worse state of health.

They have experienced the realization that health, vigor, energy, and vitality are well worth retaining and that it is not a sacrifice to exchange what they thought was palatable with what they now know is more nutritional. Nevertheless, nourishing foods are and can be made, palatable by the simple method of learning how to do it. Study my book DIET & SALAD SUGGESTIONS.


The juice of Brussels Sprouts combined with that of carrot, string bean, and lettuce furnishes a combination of elements that helps to strengthen and regenerate the insulin generating properties of the pancreatic functions of our digestive system. For this cause, it has been found of inestimable Good in cases of diabetes. This Good, however, has been derived when all concentrated starches were avoided altogether and when colonic irrigations and enemas were used regularly to cleanse waste matter from the system.


Duodenal ulcers have responded almost miraculously to the Sup of Fresh cabbage juice. In any case, plain carrot juice has been used with alike success and most people find it more palatable. Cabbage juice has glorious cleansing and reducing properties. Sometimes it has a tendency to cause distress because of gas forming in the entrails after drinking it. Such gas is the result of squander putrefactive Proceeding present in the intestines being shattered up by the cabbage juice, which causes a chemical reaction to set in and too may form a gas. This is a natural condition—sulfuretted hydrogen, a foul-smelling gas, being the outcome of the cleansing elements in the fresh juice acting on and dissolving the waste matter.

 The most valuable properties in cabbage are the high sulfur and the relatively large percentage of iodine. When excessive gas or other distress is experienced after drinking raw cabbage juice, either straight or in combination with other raw vegetable juices, it may be an indication of an abnormal toxic condition within the intestinal tract.

In such a case it has been found advisable. before much of the juice is used, to cleanse the intestines thoroughly by drinking carrot, or spinach juice daily for two or three taking enemas daily. It was found that once the intestines were able to assimilate cabbage juice, it was invaluable as a cleanser. particularly in the case of excessive adipose weight. When raw cabbage juice is added to raw carrot juice, it forms an excellent source of Vitamin C as a cleansing medium, aiding particularly where infection of the gums is present resulting in pyorrhea. When boiled or dehydrated with excessive heat, however. the effectiveness of the enzymes, minerals, and salts is destroyed.

One hundred and twenty pounds of cooked or canned cabbage could not furnish the same vital organic food value that is assimilated from drinking one-half pint of straight raw cabbage juice when properly prepared. Cabbage juice has been used very effectively to help the relief of ulcers and constipation. As constipation is usually the primary cause of skin eruptions, these have also been cleared up with the judicious use of this juice. The addition of salt to cabbage or its juice not only destroys its value but is also harmful.’


Depending on the condition of the individual, raw carrot juice may be taken indefinitely in any reasonable quantities—from one to six or eight pints a day. It is the richest source of Vitamin A in which the body can quickly assimilate also an ample supply of Vitamins C, D, E. G, and K. It helps to promote the appetite and is an aid to digestion. It is a valuable aid in the improvement and maintenance of the bone structure of the teeth.


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